Chris’ current equipment list…
I have been a member of the Overwater family for around 15 years.
I first approached Chris May because he was the only person importing
the US-made Conklin basses and I wanted a Conklin 7-string. He didn’t
have one at the time but he had just built the first Overwater 7-string
and he suggested I try it out. I tried it, I loved it and the rest is history.
I no longer have the 7 string but I still have 2 Overwaters and they are
the greatest instruments I’ve ever owned.
Overwater Basses J5 Deluxeoverwater
Overwater Basses PJ5
Bass Mods K6
Musicman Stingray 5
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz
Fender Squier Jazz Fretless
I have recently switched to Aguilar amplifiers from Markbass and I’m
loving it. It’s the sound I’ve always heard in my head. My gear is housed
in a flightcase made by BCS manufacturing, whose premises I can see
from my house. A local business!


Aguilar AG500
Markbass 104HF
Radial J48 DI
Korg Pitchblack rack tuner
BCS flightcase

I first came across Diago when I was searching for a power supply
solution for my pedalboard.  The Powerstation seemed to fit the
bill and it has been insanely reliable ever since. I also have their
largest pedalboard, the Tourman and my BEF pro is powered via
a Diago Isolator to elimiate interference caused by my combination
of digital and analogue pedals. I have also recently taken delivery of
a few sets of their new ‘Twistlock’ straplock design which are an
amazing new take on strap attachment.

I’m proud to be associated with such a wonderful company and I’m
honoured to call James a friend.

Diago Tourman pedalboard
Diago Powerstationdiago_logo_square_100
Line6 Basspod XT Live
Soundblox BEF Pro + Hothand
Akai Deep Impact
Boss OC3 Octaver
EBS Multi Comp
Little Bear BS1 fuzz
Boss LS2 switcher
Diago Twistlocks
Dunlop Superbright strings
Monster Cables
Mono Gigbags
Gruv Gear bags