DC-21I don’t know of many who people who actually ENJOY having their photo taken. In this world of Instagram, Snapchat, camera phones and social media, it is reckoned that, on average, each of us appear in up to 300 photos per day!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of social media and all the marketing, friendship and camaraderie options it brings but it is scary to think that Facebook will soon be trialling software that COULD identify you if you appear in any of the 400 million photos uploaded by it’s users every day.

Anyway, I digress… As a working musician who constantly needs to advertise my skills and network with the rest of the industry, I felt it was time to have a few shots taken myself. I called upon my good friend Glen Jevon, a wonderful Southampton-based photography wizard and he chose a beautiful location in The New Forest.

Suffice to say, I’m not terribly comfortable in front of the camera but Glen made me feel at ease and fired off lots of shots of different poses and different scenes.




I’m ecstatic with the results, a few of which can be seen on my Facebook page  www.facebook.com/chriswoodbasslessons

For all your photography needs, please check out Glen here