For anyone who may have missed my numerous Facebook posts recently, I have relinquished responsibility of my harem’s needs to someone else. This is not a small deal as, for years,  I have tweaked and fettled ‘the girls’ myself and generally been able to take care of most of the day-to-day demands of my instruments.

The ‘someone else’ in question is a friend and fellow muso, Richard Setford. I have known Rich for a while and he now has his own company, Tonefinder, based in Portsmouth. Tonefinder are a godsend for us guitarists of both the bass variety and the ‘other ones’ as they offer setups, repairs, modifications, custom-wound pickups and upgrades galore!

Rich suggested I let him loose on one of my basses, just to check that I was happy with his work so I despatched my blue Overwater J5 off to him complete with a new brand of strings I was interested in trying, Dunlop super-brights. This bass is my number 1, go-to instrument so I was pretty strict with Rich about getting her back quickly but nothing seemed to phase him. He asked me a few quick questions about what I was hoping for and I left him to it.

At Tonefinder HQ with 'bluey'.

At Tonefinder HQ with ‘bluey’.

Not only did Rich meet my expectations, he blew them away!! He met my strict time-frame and on collection the bass played like never before. The Overwater is 10 years old now and I can honestly say she plays like-new! Rich had made a few tweaks that he felt were necessary but suggested that he could undo them if I wasn’t happy. This wasn’t necessary as I was ectastic!! I had a gig that night and so many people commented on how great my bass sounded and the ease at which I was able to get around the instrument was unreal!!

I have since been back to Rich again with my red Overwater PJ5 and I requested a slightly different set up for different genres and he has blown me away yet again!

I have 2 more basses booked in with Rich, my Fender Jazz Marcus Miller and my Musicman 5, that’s how much I’m loving his work.

To see just how good Rich is for yourself, contact Tonefinder here..